Actually this is two music videos.
Deal With It is a web of  transitions between different performances via screens. 
RAW has almost only analog effects and distortions. I destroyed several VHS cameras and players for this one.
Here is a small view behind the scenes.
Directd by Christian Alsan & Carlo Oppermann 
Produced by ambitious.films 
Executive Producer: Moritz Mebesius 
Director of Photography: Daniel Hoffmann 
Steadycam: Steve Enste 
Focuspuller: Nikolai Herrmann 
Showlight: Benjamin Pütter 
Set-Construction & Sound Design: Steffen Sennert 
Set-Runner: Simon Friedl, David Südel 
Post-Production »Deal With It«: Ufuk Kubat 
Post-Production »RAW«: Christian Alsan
Making Of: Simon Friedl

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