Christian Alsan lives in Berlin and works as a writer, director and editor.

His professional career began over 10 years ago, when he accompanied musicians 
on their tour. Subsequently, he created music videos and directed campaigns for 
renowned artists like Lance Butters, Kraftklub and Casper.

With the musicvideo for „Unsere Fans“ by Kraftklub, he won the 2015 ECHO in the 
category of „Best Video National“. Further awards and nominations of his works 
followed. His musicvideos break with typical genre notions and provide talking 
points. Always focussing on a strong narrative, he uses a wide range of media to 
express his visions.

In addition to his work as a music video director and editor, Christian 
writes his own scripts for shorts and feature films

„An apocalyptic vision, horror and romance at the same time, extremely unusual for a pop video....
Thank you for such oddly black moments in the middle of the plastic-colored hit parade mainstream.“
Süddeutsche Zeitung