Depression comes creeping slowly. It nests itself in you... "Knock Knock" describes the low points of a depression and the constant fight with, against and for oneself.
In the video a young woman delivers a contemporary performance to the song "Knock Knock" by Lance Butters. She expresses the fight with the depression filmed in a single take. Depression doesn't start on an instant and it doesn't end quickly. The in-between is often a blurry mess. Thats's why everything is fluid here. So the different framings as well as her mood switches are not achieved by cutting, but rather by precisely planed camera movement to the choreography and the beat.
Directed by Christian Alsan
Produced by Moritz Mebesius
DoP: Kaspar Hornikel
1st AC: Tim Adam
Key Grip: Niso Collins
Best Boy: Lukas Hambach
Grading: Maximilian Duwe
Performed by Capucine Schattleitner

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